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Good old storyboard

Good old storyboard

I spent some of the weekend drawing a storyboard in preparation to shoot our first FANSO music video Continue reading…

The Making of: Fantastic Soup’s 30-second Spot (Art Direction)

The Making of: Fantastic Soup's 30-second Spot (Art Direction)
When we formed Fantastic Soup in late 2009, we decided to start making fun little spots to promote ourselves. The first of these was based on a script written by Max, wherein a can of Fantastic Soup sitting among a shelf of boring soup cans beckons to a shopper in a grocery store.

Max’s script essentially called for a grocery store and a can of Fantastic Soup which
stutters and shakes
on the shelf among all the other, less fantastic soup cans.

With the help of our very resourceful friend Daniel, we quickly ended up with access to a local grocery store and started scouting.

The Before Photo

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